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The Complete SmileCare plan

Our Custom Care Plan, Just for You

 $305 for adults and $270 for children under 14

This plan includes a 20% discount on preventive and diagnostic services and 20% off of all treatment

This plan is only for patients of the Dental Arts Center without any other insurance coverage.

Plan year is based on the date on which you sign up (If you sign up July 27th, your year will run through July 26th of the following year). This plan requires annual renewal.

*Use or Lose: Benefits must be used during your plan year. Diagnostic and Preventative care will not roll over.

*Care Credit Clause: because we lose 10% percent of treatment cost in order to accept care credit services, unfortunately when you use your care credit card, we can only offer a 10% discount on treatment.

*Preventative: While under periodontal maintenance, additional “perio-maintenance cleanings” are recommended. Each additional cleaning will be offered at a 20% discount. If you have newly been diagnosed with periodontal disease, Scaling and Root Planing (RPC’s) must be done before you begin your periodontal maintenance. RPC’s will be offered at a 20% discount.

*The 20% discount does not combine with any other coupons or special offers and does not apply to products.

*The 20% discount will not be applied if more than two payments are needed for treatment.

*This plan is only effective at the Dental Arts Center. If you are referred to a specialist, this plan will not apply in your specialist’s office.


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